Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quatro, Tres, Dos, UNO!

If you are bored, play CRAZY EIGHTS, which is only the most addictive card game known to mankind, period.

Well, amongst black South Africans at least.

It's basically the street version of UNO! Same principle, less rules, more fun.



As I type this, I'm quite sure I'm high on hunger.

I know I'm high on space muffins. Seriously.

But Crazy Eight still rocks. I'm not pulling your leg.

But UNO is hardcore, when you playing the Collective UNO! version. Coco won, unfortunately. To my defence, it was my first time!

I still won... ZEPHYR!

That has nothing to do with what we're talking about. Please excuse her, she suffers from Schizophrenia.

Not really =P I'm craving a Bill Granger recipe at the mo-mo. I watched him make a grapefruit, pistachio and chicken salad this morning. Yum, or what?


Yeah, he's not half bad. I saw him make this other meal for little kids. D'ya see that?


Nope, the day before.

Na-ah. He still rocks though. BBC Lifestyle for life!

Disney Channel for Life!

Did you just go there? Seriously? The Mickey M extravaganza? That Jonas show is bullcrap. I can act better than all of them and I failed Drama.

You know I'm kidding. I used to like it a lot when HSM was a virgin and when I was still 13.

I knew you were kidding. But I wasn't. *We're all in this together!* I remember those days : When Zac was skinny, orange, and had a Madonna gap.

True. Surprisingly though, I'm still waiting for Lulu to come out the closet and confess. I don't believe she's really into Hannah Montana. I mean, it's HANNAH MON-FREAKING-TANA!


Merde happens.


Liking Hannah is a 100% faux pas, especially when you're SEVENTEEN! It's like finding Rob Pat attractive. He looks like vomit, he does.


And a bush baby. Seriously.


*in Forrest Gump voice* JEN-NAY! Oh, that man, that line, that movie.


We babble a lot, don't we?

Oui. We've gotta go now, though.

Oh, how sad...

Well, not really, but anyway. Au revoir!


Auds + Coco

P.S Wouldn't you prefer it Coco did XOXO instead of XXoo? Pretty weird, huh?

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  1. Love those ramblings :)
    Hannah Montana? That girl is my arch enemy.. *shudder*


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